Transformation The Necklace
Transformation The Necklace

Transformation The Necklace

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Designed & Handmade by Polina...

This mesmerizing piece is made with Labradorite for your ultimate transformation and Baroque Pearl to invoke the feminine flow within.

Labradorite is a powerful stone that assists in creating transformation, healing and alchemy in ones life. It brings about compassionate change, inspiration, vitality and joy to the wearer. It clears doubts, fears and worries and replaces them with faith and clarity. It brings about an energy of adventure, optimism and clear communication to the wearer. A powerful stone to wear during transformational times in our lives AND to spark transformation, change and a new chapter in our lives with joy.

Freshwater Pearl is associated with the Feminine, or Yin, aspect of energy. Baroque Pearl aids you in bringing about a sense of balance, peace & ease into your life by accessing and amplifying your receptive, or feminine, energies. It assists in bringing harmony, clarity & inspiration to the wearer... becoming a favorite for many women.

Wear when you desire assistance in your transformational process. Wear to access the energy of your own inner adventure. Wear to spark inspiration in your life. Wear to access your Higher Self. Wear for clear communication. Wear for invigoration of life.

*This piece is handcrafted with high-quality crystals in order to provide you with the most powerful, divine & mesmerizing piece. Due to the nature of freshwater pearls, each freshwater pearl point may vary slightly.

*Available in 16 and 28 inches. Images show 16 inch option.