Angelic Guidance The Necklace
Angelic Guidance The Necklace

Angelic Guidance The Necklace

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Designed & Handmade by Polina...

This stunning piece is made with an abundance of Freshwater Pearls and dream-worthy Clear Quartz.

Freshwater Pearl is associated with the Feminine, or Yin, aspect of energy. Baroque Pearl aids you in bringing about a sense of balance, peace & ease into your life by accessing and amplifying your receptive, or feminine, energies. It assists in bringing harmony, clarity & inspiration to the wearer... becoming a favorite for many women.

Clear Quartz is placed here as a double point as a personal magnet. Clear Quartz AMPLIFIES intentions, visions, dreams, desires & insights... allowing for you to set your CUSTOM intention for this piece, taking you beyond, elevating your life & being your personal energetic compass.

Wear when you desire to access your Inner Feminine and become receptive to Angelic Guidance. Wear to flow in H A R M O N Y with life. Wear for extra energy. Wear to invoke a white light of protection and guidance around you. Wear for extra magic.

*Available in 16 & 18 inches. Pictures show 18 inch option.

*This piece is handcrafted with high-quality crystals in order to provide you with the most powerful, divine & mesmerizing piece. Due to the nature of pearls, each pearl may vary slightly.