Chevron Amethyst Tower
Chevron Amethyst Tower

Chevron Amethyst Tower

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I mean, OOOOOF, did you see the color on this one?!

This Amethyst Tower is juicy in color, and in frequency. Associated with the Third Eye Chakra, this Amethyst Piece is ready to bring in insights, vision, dreams and inner guidance into your life.

Amplifying your Mind's Eye, this piece opens psychic doors and pathways, taking your intuition and foresight to the next level.

This piece is a tower, symbolic of masculine energy, meaning you can take these newfound visions that come through and bring them into your life through action.

Use to meditate with before, during and while working on projects, work and any ways in which you bring your inner visions to life.

Place under your pillow for clearer visions, dreamtime work and dream recall.

Meditate with it anytime you want to receive insight, clarity or guidance.

Carry it on you to allow your psychic senses to be strengthened, even around others.

This stone is POWER. She is CLARITY. She is ready to bring visions to LIFE.

"Chevron-Amethyst will strengthen your visualization skills and enhance your dream recall.

It’s an excellent stone for increasing your psychic awareness and strengthening your intuitive guidance.

It’s also said to be helpful with shamanic journeying.

This stone will also work to deepen your meditative state, which will enhance the quality and number of your visions and inspirations from the higher realms.

Chevron-Amethyst is a strong protection stone that will create a safety bubble around its wearer.

It will deflect any kind of attack and keep you safe and protected!

It’s also a sobering stone that will be very helpful when you’re trying to kick a bad habit or quitting an addiction.

Chevron-Amethyst will promote self-growth and development. It will inspire you to move towards spiritual growth and achieve your higher potential."

*Each piece is from Mama Earth and is therefore unique. We hand select only the highest quality of stones.