Infinite Potential Earrings
Infinite Potential Earrings

Infinite Potential Earrings

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Discover the infinite potential that exists in each and every moment. Each minute encodes timelines, energies, and potentials waiting to be activated by you.

Intentionally wearing these powerful Earrings allows you to enhance your energetic field, magnetize opportunities, and shift your timelines continuously to serve your highest good.

Upon receiving, wash these Earrings under cold water, and hold them in your palms, taking a few moments to visualize your desired outcome. Affirm your intention to serve your highest good and the highest good of all, and close your intention setting Ceremony by saying "And so it is!! And so it is!!".

As you wear these, you will feel your energy shift and enhance. You will watch miracles unfold, abundance pour in, and you will begin to experience a higher version of "life".

When your intention fulfills itself in this realm, repeat the charging process.

These Earrings hold an Infinite Potential of success and abundance so work with them to open the floodgates of joy into your life.


*Clear Quartz

*Sterling Silver