Interconnected Natural Candle
Interconnected Natural Candle

Interconnected Natural Candle

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Build a solid foundation in your life by working with this Magic Candle.

The Interconnected Candle is handcrafted using a natural soy-based wax, and creates an energy of S T A B I L I T Y.

Whether you are beginning a new job, new relationship, a new home, or simply a new chapter of life, this candle assists in bringing about harmony, peace, ease, and a steady foundation to C R E A T E upon.

You may use this as a symbol of decor, or in a potent Ritual to create a stable ground energetically for all the blessings to come.


ღ Set a sacred space (perhaps using Sage or Palo Santo)

ღ Set your intentions (mentally, verbally, by writing them down, or by simply tapping into the F E E L I N G you desire to create in your life)

ღ Mindfully light your candle as you affirm your intentions are being brought to life

ღ Honor and bless your space for the work that has been done

ღ Affirm that the ritual is complete and you are ready to receive all that is in alignment with your highest good, and the highest good of all