Love Unlocked Earrings
Love Unlocked Earrings

Love Unlocked Earrings

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Rose Quartz is the stone of Unconditional Love. It brings about self love, meaningful connection, and romantic partnership.

It is a stone that transforms our world as we are all interconnected through the frequency of love.

These Love Unlocked Earrings assist you in unlocking Divine Love in the area(s) you desire.

Whether you are cultivating a deeper sense of self and appreciation, attracting like-minded and successful friendships, or calling in your Soulmate Partnerships, Love Unlocked Earrings activate the Love Frequency within you to match your intention powerfully.

Activating the Heart Chakra and magnetizing your Energetic Field, these Earrings assist you in allowing the transformative energy of love into your life.

Upon receiving, wash them under cold water and hold between your palms, taking a few moments to set your intention(s). Affirming that your intention(s) manifests for your highest good and the highest good of all, state, "And so it is!! And so it is!!".

Celebrating the frequency that is now activated and the blessings that are to come, put Love Unlocked Earrings on and watch the magic that unfolds.

Deeper sense of self appreciation, joy, fulfillment and ease are all feelings that may arise as you wear Love Unlocked.

Many Blessings as you unlock the Fulfilling Love Frequency that is available to us when we tap in.


*Rose Quartz

*Sterling Silver