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Our energetic fields are powerful tools for creation, and so, they must be protected.

In a world where various energy, emotion, and intention swirls around, we must become sovereign by protecting that which is sacred... our frequency.

Wear this protection necklace as you affirm: “I invoke the highest vibration of White 100% Pure Love and Light to protect me. Any energy that is not my energy or that does not serve my highest good is removed immediately and easily and effortlessly transmuted into the highest vibration of White 100% Pure Love and Light”.

Affirm this as your intention, and allow yourself to thrive in peace, knowing you are safe, sound, and protected.

**A portion of the profits will be donated to the Loveland Foundation, which is, “...committed to showing up for communities of color in unique and powerful ways, with a particular focus on Black women and girls”.


*18 Karat Plated Gold

*16.5 inches * 2 inch extender