The Uplevel Necklace
The Uplevel Necklace

The Uplevel Necklace

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Designed & Handmade by Polina...

This transformative and activating piece is made with potent Pyrite and cleansing Selenite.

Pyrite is one of Polina's favorite stones to work with as it is your #1 ally in creating financial success, prosperity and wealth. Pyrite assists in releasing and removing any fear-based energetics, while magnetizing people, places and opportunities that serve your Highest Good. It brings about good fortune when worked with in integrity, bountiful success and immeasurable prosperity. It is a stone that loves to see you thrive, and brings about ideal circumstances to reach your Highest Potential.

Selenite is a unique stone as it has self-cleansing properties, meaning it not only regenerates and cleanses itself, but additionally assists in purifying the Aura and Energetic Field of the wearer. It dispels blocks, negative thought patterns, anger, frustration and any feelings of hopelessness. It brings about an energy of white 100% Pure Light into the wearer's field, helping them feel cleansed, protected and nourished in their emotional and energetic bodies. 

Wear when you desire releasing fear, worry and/or doubt while MAGNETIZING aligned people, places and experiences to take you and your life to the next level. 

*Available in 16 & 18 inches. Pictures show 16 inch option.

*This piece is handcrafted with high-quality crystals in order to provide you with the most powerful, divine & mesmerizing piece. Due to the nature of selenite, each piece may vary slightly.