Unconditional Love Necklace
Unconditional Love Necklace

Unconditional Love Necklace

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Designed & Handmade by Polina...

This dazzling piece is made with Peach Moonstone and Peach Freshwater Pearl. What a marvelous delight.

Peach Moonstone deepens your connection with your inner feminine, or Yin, energies. It allows you to access a divine state of flow, ease and pleasure. It enhances your intuition, psychic senses and receptivity. It assists in activating feminine magnetism, in healing the womb space and in opening your Heart to connection. Also assists in dissolving any feminine-related wounding (sister wound, mother wound). It gives a sense of radiance and joy to the wearer, assisting them in not only tapping into their pleasure and magnetism, but by making energetic space to receive called in desires.

Freshwater Pearl is associated with the Feminine, or Yin, aspect of energy... providing a perfect balance to the transformative energy of Malachite. Baroque Pearl aids you in bringing about a sense of balance, peace & ease into your life by accessing and amplifying your receptive, or feminine, energies. It assists in bringing harmony, clarity & inspiration to the wearer... becoming a favorite for many women.

Wear when you desire to tap into unconditional love for your past, present and future versions of yourself. Set the intention to access ultimate pleasure when working with this piece. Charge this necklace next to roses. See the magic that unfolds. 

*Available in 16 & 18 inches. Pictures show 18 inch option.